The Confessions of a Lesbian

I knew my life would be different when I first came to terms with my sexual orientation. I wasn’t sure how much different it would be but as days have blurred and the years have flown by I realized that there’s a whole other side of living and what it means to be a human being when you’re true to yourself and stand outside what most would consider the norm.



Living as an openly gay woman comes with a whole other side of socialization which encompasses how you live, play, work, date, love and are perceived in the world.

This is my niche. This is my life. This is my point of view. Here I will share some of my experiences, debunk myths about being gay, shed light on the truths of which are sometimes ugly and other times hilarious.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to comment or contact me.

This is my space. All the posts in this blog are from my point of view. Welcome to my confessional blog about living my life.

1 thought on “The Confessions of a Lesbian

  1. be true to yourself- so true. im currently writing poetry about how acceptance is needed for normality within sexuality, and its kinda inspiring to read your stuff

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