I’m a lesbian living in Canada. I decided to create a blog depicting on what it’s like living life as a gay woman. Sapphic Spirit is my name. Debunking myths, and spreading truths about how living life as open lesbian is my game. I hope you enjoy reading my page. If you have any comments, please comment under my posts.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and the “follow.” I’m enjoying your writing voice and wit. I look forward to reading your future posts. Peace.

  2. Hello! I’m writing down this to you, thinking about that maybe you can help me to figure it out what is going on. I hope you will read this comment and give me some answers from your experience.
    So, long story short, my name is Mary, I’m 25, I’ve never been with a girl before, but something just happened two weeks ago. I went to one of my friend’s birthday party and there I met a girl. At first, there was just a small talk, nothing more. She is 23, 6 months ago she ended her 5 years relationship she had with a guy, he was her first etc. So, as we kept on talking at that party, she started to look in a way, “that look”, and from time to time, she grabbed my hand and hold it tight. At the end of the party, she hugged me, a very strong hug, and she told me that she is sorry if her behavior disturbed me in some way. I responded to her hug, and told her everything is ok. In a weird way, I felt sort of an attraction for her. Last night, we went out to drink a coffee, we sit and talk for a few hours about all sort of things. At the end of the night, while we were walking down the street, she came closer to me, and put her arm around my waist… Well, I again responded to this thing by putting my arm on her shoulder, and so, we were walking down the street, and as we were walking, she begun to shiver, tremble, asking her if she feels cold, she told me that not necessary but that she, sometimes is shaking when she is excited. I don’t think that you just shake like that when nothing is going on there. Also were a lot of holding hands and stuff. I’ve never asked her what she feels about dating a girl or something, but she was talking about something one time, that she would like to experience something with a girl someday. So… my question is: is she attracted to me or something, she likes me? How can I find out what she wants from me? Even if I’ve never been with a girl before, it’s that gut feeling that is telling me there is something more here, and in some strange way, I do feel that I like her, and I feel that I wanna try something with her.
    Thank you for reading this!
    I wish you the best! 🙂

    • Hi Mary, I’m glad you felt like you could reach out to me. In my experience, it seems like she was definitely flirting with you. It’s so hard to tell if it’s a girl being friendly or flirting isn’t it? I once had a woman who was flirting just as this woman is with you and she ended up being really friendly to everyone that way. But most often, if a woman is giving you signs like this woman is giving you, it means she’s at the very least intrigued/curious about you.

      Do you feel gutsy at taking a risk with this? If you do, maybe you could say something to her along the lines of, “This may sound crazy, and I’ve never experienced this before, but I’m finding myself attracted to you.” Then leave the ball in her court. I would do something like this face to face though so you can read her body language and her verbal cues if you feel like doing something like this.

      If you don’t feel as gutsy, maybe trying bringing up topics of gay and lesbian culture and get a feel as to how she feels about these topics and if she may be gay friendly at the very least. Then you can maybe ask things like, “have you ever had a girl crush?” or mention that you have and see what she says.

      I wish you the best. If you have any more questions or want to share your story further, feel free to contact me on here. 🙂 Cheers. Good luck.

      • Thank you so much! I appreciate that you answered so fast :). Hmh, you are right, maybe it would be better if I confess that I m attracted to her, but I hope that she won’t be scared away. She seems pretty shy.
        Once again, thank you! I will, for sure, share this further here. Hope that this story will be cute, nice and with a happy end :). Cheers!

  3. Hello again! It looks like I already have some updates, but also these updates are making me every a lil bit more confused. So, last night, I was at my friend’s place, the same where I met this girl. At same point, she entered the door, came to me, hugged me, and after that grabbed my boobs with her both hands :)) and told me “oh, your boobs are so big”. Two minutes later, she started to tell us that she had a date with a guy earlier and how the date went. I felt pretty bad about it, but after she ended her story, my friend told her that he wants to make a confess, because the situation is not good and he feels some tension. And he told her that I like her (I was also there with them). Oh, well. Somehow, her reaction or better non-reaction was pretty weird. She was very calm, she didn’t pullback, she responded that she likes me and cares about me but she wasn’t thinking at something more that this. In some sort of way, she looked like she was expecting to hear those stuff, or that it was about time to reveal it. Anyway, she told me that it is my decision if I wanna still talk to her or not, and if I don’t, she will respect my decision but she won’t be cool with it because she doesn’t want this. Hm, I feel like she, somehow, left some things unclear or maybe some “opened door”?! I don’t know. She took it pretty light and it wasn’t a strong “NO” as an answer… Is it possible that she might be in some denial? Or is it possible that she will have an eventual positive reaction (maybe) in the closer future, like a few days, a week or two?

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