“My tampon lied!” and other amusing moments in a same sex relationship


Disclaimer: If you are grossed out by bodily functions, I suggest you stop reading this post now.

I never really gave it much thought to how different a same sex relationship would be  before I began dating women in my early 20s.

Dating a member of the same sex brings new challenges, laughable moments and shared understanding. When you date a woman you can expect to share clothes, share perfumes, makeup, hair products, skincare products and at times bodily functions.

Today was one of those days. My tampon lied! It said my period was over but it was in fact not… as made apparent to my girlfriend and I later. Sometimes tampons can’t be trusted and you have to give mother nature more time but in the heat of a moment who has time to patiently wait to verify that sort of thing?

So that was embarrassing for me, and later amusing. Thankfully my girlfriend isn’t shy or shocked by things like that. It wasn’t like I shared a bloody breakfast similar to the bloody mcMuffin in OITNB. I’m sure that things like that (not the Bloody mcMuffin) happen in same and opposite sex relationships. But at least in same sex relationships, the other partner is more likely to be understanding.

Anyone have any amusing or brave stories you wish to share? Put them in the comments section.


Orange is the New Black

In recent months, you may have heard the name of Netflix’s new TV show titled: Orange is the New Black and what a hit it has become. Or maybe you haven’t, in which case you should listen up.

You need to watch this show. This show deals with real life issues that people face, from drug use, crime, racism amongst different races, seedy deeds done to survive (inside and outside prison), and seedy things done to antagonize and control others. It deals with characters that regret the decisions they’ve made and now they have to deal with the consequences of their actions as the years slowly fade past while they’re locked behind bars. Homophobia and trans phobia is also shown. It sheds light on characters with families who are supportive, and some who aren’t. I’ve never been in prison but it also shows what prison life actually looks like, supposedly. I still couldn’t image being thrust into a system where you had no privacy and were treated lower than dirt.

It originates from Piper Kerman’s memoir after she spent a year in a woman’s prison. It follows the character Piper Chapman who was caught 10 years after someone ratted her out for carrying a bag full of drug money for a drug cartel, an offense she thought she had left in her 20s. Now that she has her life on track, she is thrust back into her past, where she must face the consequences of her actions that have finally caught up with her. She must face her fellow prison inmates, many of whom come from lower social classes and therefore feel inferior but treat her harshly because she’s a rich girl in their eyes. Piper must leave her family, good job and fiance Larry on the outside while she serves her time.

Image(Photocredit: bimagazine)

It has characters that have depth and complexity. The characters come from all social classes, are of different ages, different races, and they identify everywhere on the sexual orientation spectrum. It has lesbians, bisexuals, and even a Trans woman who has to go about living life in prison while her wife tries to raise their son by herself on the outside. These are real characters. They could be you, your friend, your sibling, your neighbor. The show sheds light on each of them and they are given a chance to show their back story and how negative decisions shaped their life that landed them in prison. Orange is the New Black is a story about dealing with the consequences of your actions, and trying to dig deep and find yourself.

Here’s the trailer:

I admit I made an orange shirt emblazoned with one of the quotes from one of the characters. I’ve already watched the show’s season 1 twice. If I find more time this winter, I’ll test to see if three time’s a charm.